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As you explore the thoughts throughout the manuscript, and as I continue to post on tangential topics, my desire would be for you to come away with a fresh sense that when Jesus says, “My burden is light“, he really meant it. And when he says, “All who follow me will suffer“, we will journey together towards him in it. And when he says, “As my Father sent me, so I send you“, we would understand that obeying Jesus irrevocably alters our tomorrow, and that we would be a community in it.

You will find lots of conversations digging into topics like (eventually each will link to one or most posts on the topic):

  • Changing the conversation about sin
  • Re-thinking the whole “comfort zone” thing
  • Becoming “cities of Refuge” to our neighbors
  • The imperative of Rest
  • Moving away from events-based Christianity
  • Moving away from knowledge-based maturity
  • The ethic of promiscuous Generosity
  • How important your location is to God
  • Submitting our dreams to others’ joy
  • Living out Shalom in our neighborhood
  • The reality of Suffering

Much of my spiritual maturity in recent years has come through the writings of Duane Elmer and Mike Breen, so you’ll hear a lot of talk about our postures and gestures throughout each topic. And, since this is meant to be done by laypersons (myself included), there is a strong focus on low-maintenance, highly reproducible patterns.

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Jump into the conversation! Start here, discuss your thoughts. Take it out from this cyber-hole and, with your community, live out the Subconscious Church to your context.

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