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The imagery that best captures the Subconscious Church is of a house: the earth beneath, unseen yet unmoving, is our identity. On top of this identity we build a structure by which we interact with the world: our character. As things come and go, moving and bustling through the structure of Character which is built on a strong Identity, our movement is seen.

Within each of the three layers there are three defining perspectives.

Identity is By Jesus

About Jesus

For Jesus

Character is Humility



Movement is Rescue



Or, as I prefer it:

Identity – Character – Movement

By Jesus – Humility – Rescue

About Jesus – Unity – Reconciliation

For Jesus – Shalom — Restoration

Therefore, the Subconscious Church is interested in doing what our Daddy does. And it’s called “Subconscious Church”, because our experience has shown that as we come to a clear understanding of our Identity, Character, and Movement, it doesn’t take a lot of energy to be children who multiply the Family of God.

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