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Subconscious Church is the result of a personal inquest, seeking to answer the question:

What makes real community tick? Since I am a pensive extrovert, I needed to write out my thoughts and discoveries. If I were an introvert, I would have been content leaving these ideas as a diary. If I were a full-blown extrovert, I would have been so busy talking about the ideas that I would have never written them down.

Ill content to keep my thoughts to spoken word only, and unable to keep my written words private, I now aspire to write a book. This site serves as a semi-public forum for the ideas as I continue working on the manuscript (currently around 55,000 words). So really, the question I am after is this: what is the context in which Kingdom communities thrive?

There are hundreds of fantastic books on living Christian life together, and many of them I highly recommend. Admittedly, however, this is not a book or a site on how to live Christian life together. This is an inquest into the pulsing heart of thriving communities – regardless of geography or culture.

The longer I have been asking after these questions, the more it becomes clear that the answer has little to do with typical qualifications, strategic programs, or complex data sheets. The answer seems to point at the heart, which is fitting since it’s about Jesus, after all.

While I personally have deep convictions about the things I write here, and while many people are living out the principles outlined in the pages and posts to follow, a critically important disclaimer must be made now at the start: Since a life of community is ever evolving, these ideas, ethics, values, and rhythms are just temporary helps.

Like paddles in the water: they are physical structures we lean into now, but as we are pushed forward by them, they adjust, swinging forward, and create new ripples.

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