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Regardless of geography, culture, or slice of history, we all experience the incredible cycle of Jesus: Rescue, Reconciliation, and Restoration. God is a rescuing God (see Acts 7 or Ezekiel 16 for great narratives of this). There is no denying it without denying all of Scripture. The moment of salvation is our initial moment of rescue. In that moment he reconciles us to himself and also to our fellow man and begins to restore us back to our original creative design. As we come to understand who it is we are meant to be in Christ, we come to an awareness that there are still areas in our lives that need rescue, and so the cycle begins again.

This isn’t to say that we are only “partially” saved at first; rather is it a highlight of God’s inscrutable love toward us: that he eternal secures us in his Kingdom even while he also knows there are parts of ourselves we haven’t given over to him.

After we experience a Rescue Moment, our reconciliation is close on its heels. In fact, being reconciled to God happens simultaneous to being rescued by God. However, since God is himself a community (the Trinity), there are many characteristics of God we cannot experience on our own – we require community of believers to understand the fullness of God. Therefore, we are not only reconciled to God, but also to our human community of believers – the Church; and as we become agents of reconciliation, we are reconciled to our neighborhoods as well.

Most of the Bible is written in the plural, though we usually interpret it in the singular – this is short-changing the Word! We are called into community, sent out as community, and bonded to community as Christians. It is why we are called the Body of Christ. Therefore, do not think that God merely reconciles you to himself. He does that, yes, and he reconciles you to your fellow man. We cannot experience the rescue, reconciliation, and restoration of God without experiencing reconciliation and restoration in a community context.

Notice that we are not responsible for the Rescue of our fellow man – that is the Holy Spirit’s work. We are, however, involved in the process of Reconciliation and Restoration with each other: we bear each other’s burdens, journey with each other beyond reasonable expectations, forgive until we die, and actively work for the peace – full reconciliation and restoration – of our neighborhoods.

As we work out what it looks like to be reconciled to God and our fellow man, we are restored into the original creative design God had in mind when he knit us together in our mothers’ wombs. It is a place where our skills, talents, and interests will be maximized because they most closely align with God’s original intent for our existence. We are God’s poema, and God had incredible things in mind when he made us – the perfect coalescing of our talents and passions overlaid on the time and place we are born in order to maximize his glory through our lives and bring his Kingdom on Earth.

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