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When I first began penning this book I was going into my 8th year living in someone else’s home and we were wrestling with the in-your-face, life-on-life proximity of two whole families mashing together. Two husbands. Two wives. Three kids. And we threw in three single college-aged girls for kicks. Trying to deduce community to its essential core became important.

When we surveyed the tools out there, many focused on going through the motions of a program or sticking to a rigorous list of rules. When we looked through the church bulletin, everything zeroed in on getting us back into the church building (mostly for more programs), not out into our neighborhood.

Was this it? we wondered.

Subconscious Church is the result of this wondering that grew into a wandering quest: Is an authentic Christian life doomed to  high burnout rates and The Next Big Program?

In fact, it’s been twelve years now since I’ve been living in other people’s homes and I am still wrestling through how Jesus might call us to live out the reality he welcomes us into by his grace. This site is a collection of my thoughts as I quest toward a deeper understanding of what makes Kingdom community flourish regardless of demographic or geography.

What is the bedrock on which Jesus builds his family here on Earth? How do we build our lives, homes, and ministries around these foundational attributes? Can it actually make a difference to the people and world around us? And does it always require the workers to run ragged?

What I hope you will learn from this site is that:

Authentic life with Jesus does not fatigue the soul.

Instead of trying hard to do more good, what if we really believed Jesus when he says, “Find your rest in me”? What if we believed it so deeply that it became a subconscious reality – we simply live from the modus operandi that Jesus is our True Rest, and so our work flows from our rest in him?

Authentic displays of faith are byproducts of rested souls before Jesus.

The most “effective” Christian workers are those who understand the foundation of resting with God. Jesus himself is our role model in this, as he often “went away to a lonely place” to be with the Father.

The life Jesus calls us into is not full of programs, it is full of real people.

There is one program that is time-tested and true. There is a missional philosophy that works in every culture and every geography. Do you know it? It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing else has the cultural currency, spiritual punch, and historical transcendence as the Living Word of God. As we gather to explore those Words, and the impact they might have on our neighborhood, we are captivated by God’s goodness and transformed from the inside out. Real people, really transformed, by the Really True Words of Life.

“Doing ministry” is not the point; living as disciples is.

Jesus does not need us to do ministry. He doesn’t need us to build his Church – he does that! What he invites us into is to sit at his feet, gather at his dinner table, walk with him, imitate him, and – do I need to say it? – be his disciples. When we are his disciples, we will see the things he does happening in our lives and the lives around us.

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